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The Wilson Family of Cades Authentic Sound Lab

Recording Studio

Music Anthology

The Wilson Family of Cades inspires their global  fans and many musical Artists alike. Their vocal precision and incredible talent has become synonymous with a distinct traditional musical style that resonates with their audiences.

You will explore some of their greatest Gospel Music releases.


WFOC Sound Patterns & Musical Folds

When mind and music come together, the result is a masterful album such as Wilson Family of Cades.  Digging deep into their musical soul and creating melodic tones, The Wilson Family of Cades has produced a compilation of powerful lyrics and harmonious melodies "COMING SOON".

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The Wilson Family of Cades EP

With  The Wilson Family of Cades EP, has created some of their most compelling and polished work to date. "COMING SOON"  you will Listen and enjoy the superior sound quality of this album that’s been called an instant Gospel Music Family Classic.

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