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The Full Story...

Wilson Family of Cades (WFOC)
Present Their Captivating and Anointed CD

“Heaven Belongs To You”
And Their Current & Incredible Single
“Heaven Belongs To You”

Every once in a while an exceptional talent impacts the gospel music industry and leaves an indelible impression. The
anointed and talented Wilson Family of Cades (WF0C) are one of those rapidly expanding gospel groups who have
done just that! When these anointed musical virtuosos sing they become vessels through which the intent of worship
and praise is fully recognized.
Please hear the Wilson Family of Cades (WFOC) on their latest project “Heaven Belongs To You” featuring their
anointed and currently released single “Heaven Belongs To You.” Besides, their extraordinary gifts and talents will
continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry coupled with inevitable proof of an even greater future.
The Wilson Family of Cades ( WFOC), South Carolina possess a formidable heritage of musicality from their late
parents, Wilkes Emos and Millie Burgess Wilson. This beautiful couple was blessed with 10 children (three sons and
seven daughters). They raised their family in Cades, South Carolina where they attended school, farmed and began
singing. Their parents went home to be with the Lord in 1968 leaving four minor children, the youngest was just 5
years old. However, the Lord richly blessed this family. They moved to New York and Philadelphia raising their
families in various churches and ministries. Yet, they were always singing together, until relocating back to Cades,
South Carolina and surrounding towns and cities. Currently, one sibling remains in New York.
Their educational backgrounds exemplify their spirit of excellence. Several family members have degrees from various
Universities, namely: Wilberforce University, Coastal Carolina University, Brooklyn College, Long Island University,
Fairleigh Dickerson University, Morris College, University of South Carolina and Rutgers University. Moreover, the
Lord has blessed them beyond measure to become successful entrepreneurs, teachers, law enforcement, educators,
government employees, elected officials, pastors, church leaders and professional employees for large corporations.
They are also blessed to have children and grandchildren who are endowed with the remarkable gifts of singing and
some are blessed with the brilliance of a prodigy singer.
Notably, not only are they exceptional skillful anointed vocalists, their talents are utilized for the Kingdom of God as
ministers and choir directors. They also sang in the church and school choirs and attended choir workshops.
This incredible and engaging group’s singing style is inspired by legendary artists such as, Shirley Caesar, Timothy
Wright, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and Hezekiah Walker.
The Wilson Family of Cades (WFOC) have performed with The Frierson Singers in Newark, New Jersey and The
Curtis Chambers Choir in Brooklyn, New York.
The group delivers enormous sensitivity, musicality and sheer expressiveness with their compelling vocal talent.
Notably, the more the group contemplates the awesomeness of God -- the more they sing to the glory of God! These
qualities are undeniably demonstrated on their project “Heaven Belongs To You.” This projects creates a musical
story which ends well. The lyrics are tastefully and elegantly oriented. The arrangement possesses a vast reservoir of
musical techniques which is powerful to the core. The stylistic diversity on these projects simply raise the bar of

This magnificent project offers nine compelling and anointed songs: “Heaven Belongs To You,” “Jesus Cares For
Me,” “Waiting,” “God Is Good to Me,” “What Are They Doing In Heaven Today,” “He Saved Me,” “Right
There,” “Send It On Down,” and “Closing Prayer.” You will certainly want to add this project “Heaven Belongs To
You” to your gospel music collection. They consistently bring to their listening audiences “worship and praise
through song” with a personalized/harmonic blend.
The Wilson Family of Cades (WFOC) cordially invites you to share their musical journey as you listen to their CD
project “Heaven Belongs To You.” You will be glad you did!

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